The Clinch River had the Native American name Pellissippi.This river begins in Tazewell County, Virginia in the vicinity of the town of Tazewell.It runs 135 miles through part of Wise County, the better part of Tazewell County, and all of Russell and Scott counties.The Clinch is deemed navigable by the VDGIF from the junction of Indian Creek and the Clinch River in downtown Cedar Bluff all the way to the Tennessee/Virginia State line.This is approximately 112 miles of float trip water with fourteen access points.Two portions of the river are part of Virginiaís Scenic River Program.Also the Big Cedar Creek flowing out of the Lebanon area into the Clinch is a scenic waterway.It is one of three creeks legislatively designated by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a scenic waterway.


Wildlife on the Clinch is varied.Birders could see hawks, owls, osprey, kingfishers, ducks, Canada Geese and Blue Herons.Animal lovers could see beaver, deer, muskrat and otter.Plant enthusiasts will see a variety of trees (mostly hardwoods with a sprinkle of cedar and pine).The shore line also offers a variety of wildflowers.

A most helpful web site is:


This web site is excellently done by the Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries. All fourteen access points are shown on a map of the river.Distances are given between accesses along with the water characteristics.Types of fish found in the different areas of the river are also listed.It is a most complete web site for the floater, fisherman and nature lover.


Two other helpful web sites are: The Cleveland Station and the Speers Ferry



This site gives the water flow rate at Cleveland station.A flow rate of 500 cubic feet second will provide enough water for canoes and kayaks to pass over the bars and rocks in the Clinch above Cleveland. Hopefully this

applies all the way to the convergence of the Little River with the Clinch River.



For the lower part of the Clinch in Scott County, the Speers Ferry station is a good point to get readings.


The Clinch River Valley Initiative is a cooperative movement to enhance the

economies along the Clinch River.The following web site will give you information about this initiative.